Accelerating the Capability Climb

Accelerating Climb
“half of the 674 executives surveyed globally have little confidence in their companies’ ability to mobilize quickly to capitalize on market shifts or to serve new customers. Half do not believe that their culture is adaptive enough to respond positively to change. And 44% aren’t certain that their workforces are prepared to adapt to and manage change through periods of economic uncertainty.”

Do you readily accept the need for teaching when learning to play Golf or Ski? Are you similarly ready to invest in training future supervisors to avoid bad habits being ingrained and inefficiency from individuals ‘practicing’ leadership without the basics? How do your junior leaders balance the needs of tasks with those of individuals and their teams? Do they do this in a way that encourages engagement or are they endanger retention of your people? With out more training and development, is there a risk that they will create more evidence for the case that “individuals join enterprises but leave Managers”?

We work with organisations to grow staff capability in 4 areas to further improve enterprise agility (& staff engagement):

  • Next Generation Leaders. We believe that the development of talent can be accelerated & engagement improved – while growing the capabilities needed to excel in our competitive, agile business world.
  • Managing Teams Better. A programme designed for individuals with Technical backgrounds that are new to supervising / managing people. This can be delivered either face-to-face or via an eLearning Internet application.
  • Continuous Business Improvement. A workshop for managers and team leaders focused on continuously improving the experiences clients (internal and external) have of your products and services.
  • Managing Major Changes. A workshop targeted at managers that builds participants understanding of the challenges involved in managing change effectively.


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