Managing Your Team Better




Our “Managing Your Team Better” programme is specifically designed for new managers / supervisors who have been promoted on the basis of technical skills. The programme can be delivered either personally or over the Internet and includes:



  • Personal Effectiveness: Motivation, Effective Habits, Managing Expectations, Workspace Organisation
  • Managing Individuals: Empathy, Understanding Individual Needs, Energising individuals
  • Managing Teams: Climate to succeed, Expectations, Delivering Tasks, Goal Setting, Evaluation
  • Next Steps for personal development as a Manager and Leader


The cost of initial set up for your enterprise and the attendance of one person is £999.00 Additional participants cost £499. Both charges include VAT (where applicable). If, for example, the Manager earns £40,000, the mean salary for members of the team is £30,000 and the total salary cost for the team is £100,000 then just a 1% improvement in the Managers ability to manage themselves the individuals on their team and the team itself would generate a 70% return on the training cost. In practice we would expect to see material greater returns from a combination of improvements in efficiency, effectiveness and staff engagement and retention.

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Supervisor/ Manager Salary (UK £) 40,000

Mean salary for members of Team (UK £) 30,000

Total Team Salary (UK £) 100,000

Percentage of Time lost through personal ineffectiveness 3%

Percentage of Time lost as a result of individual needs not being recognised 1%

Percentage of Time lost as a result of sub optimal team management 1%

Cost of Manage My Team Better for one person 999

Savings 1501

Return on Investment 150%


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Managing My Team Better

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