Case Studies

Following a number of requests, the case study that Efficienarta uses during Executive Development workshops is now available for purchase. The case study was written initially for use during Business Improvement and Managing Change workshops. The context is a traditional financial services institution facing new competition, the need to fundamentally change its work practices, develop new products and a decision by a new CEO to relocate the Enterprise from a regional city to a provincial town. The cost is UK £25.


Available separately are two sets of Exercises:

Business Improvement. 8 exercises covering Brainstorming, SIPOC (Supplier, Input, Process, Output, Customer), Rolled Throughput Yield, Process Mapping, Ishikawa (Fishbone) Diagrams, Effective / Attainable Matrix, Importance / Performance Matrix and Carl Lewin’s Force Field Analysis. The cost is UK £20


Managing Change. 13 exercises aligned with the Kotter 8 Step Process, covering the Business Framework (Drucker), Project Initiation, Planning and All Staff Meetings, Vision, Communicating the Vision, Planning for and Creating Short Term Wins, Carl Lewin’s Force Field Analysis, Project Organisation, Milestone Planning, Gantt Charts and a final holistic task covering the end to end Change process. The cost UK £25